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How to Apply

Online Application

Step: 1    To apply for any post, you have to register on once. Only a registered user can apply for jobs at UOBS as the university only accepts online applications.
Step: 2    To apply for jobs at UOBS, you have to register on UOBS job portal please follow How to Register section.
Step: 3    To apply for jobs at UOBS, you have to create your profile first and add your scanned documents to complete your profile. To create job profile, follow How to Create Job Profile section
Step: 4    If you forget your user name or password, please follow How to recover Username and Password section.
Step: 5    To apply for job, follow How to Apply for Job section

How to register

To apply for any job in university of Baltistan skardu, online registration is compulsory. After registration, you will get a user name and password which can be used to login for future. Normally, a user name and password should be easy-to-remember, secure and advocate length. If you forget username and password , you can recover through forget password using your provided email address. The provided email address must be active all the time. During form submission and selection process, the communication will be made through this email. The University is not responsible for any problem associated with this email.

Step: 1    To register at UOBS job portal, click on Create an account.

Step: 2    Fill the required fields.
Step: 3    Username must be unique, password and confirmed password must be the same.
Step: 4    Provide an active email address as all the communication, during the selection process (test/interview etc.) with the candidates, will be made through this email. University will not be responsible for problems associated with user email.

Step: 5    Once you register yourself at Job Portal, you will receive an activation email on the email address that you have provided.
Step: 6    To activate your account, open your email and click on the activation link.
Step: 7    Login to your account.

How to Create Job Profile

Job profile is used to apply for a vacant position in university of Baltistan. UOBS accepts only online application. In profile, you have to provide your personal, education, employment, publication, project and other information for the job you are interested to apply. Using profile, you must upload your scanned copy of documents to eligible for the candidacy. You can also upload your CV and other relevant documents, you think necessary for the application.

Create a profile can be a lengthy process and may not finish at once. You can save the profile any time and continue later.

Step: 1 Fill the required information in the form given below to create your profile.
Step: 2 To create more than one profile, save each profile with a different name by clicking on “Save” button.

Step: 3 To update your profile, please click on update profile button.
Step: 4 To make copy of your profile, click on "Save As" button and write profile copy name.

Step: 5 Provide your personal data fill the required fields and click on “Save Basic Data”.
Step: 6 In “Profile” section you must fill in the required fields of all menu (ex. Personal data, Education, Employment etc.) according to the nature of the job.

Step: 7 After filling the data in any section/tab, click on the "Save" button below.

Step: 8 Leaving out any menu/without filling in the required fields in any menu will obstruct your application process.
Step: 9 If you do not have the required data i.e experience/publications etc., please click on the checkbox “I do not have……”

How to recover Username and Password

Step: 1 To recover your username, click on "Forgot your username?".

Step: 2 To recover your Password, click on "Forgot your password?".

Step: 3 Please enter the email address for your account. A verification code will be sent to you. Once you receive the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.

Step: 4 Please enter the email address associated with your User account. Your username will be sent on the email ID that you have provided in the registration section.

How to Apply for Specific Job

Step: 1 To apply for job, please select a profile suitable for the job.

Step: 2 To check your profile, click on "View Profile" button.

Step: 3 To apply for the job, please select desired job and attached challan slip and click on "Apply Button".

Step: 4 To print the application form, click on "Print" button